Maintenance calibration


At IAC Acoustics we understand that sometimes things can go wrong during testing, for example components reaching end-of-life need to be replaced or refurbished. We can provide a complete range of Technical Support options to get you back up and running as soon as possible.
Our dedicated aero-engine test facility support department provides tailored packages for long-term and short-term contracts. Our flexible long-term and short-term contracts which can be tailored to your specific needs.

When you contact IAC Acoustics with a technical support issue, we will assign one of our expert engineers to investigate and resolve the problem. Our engineers are familiar with all aspects of your installation and have access to a wide range of diagnostic tools that can help to identify the problem and find a solution.
We respond to your queries in a timely manner and within the stated service level agreements. Technical support services comply with numerous quality assurance standards with typical on-call response times of less than 24 hours. IAC Acoustics supports this service with a comprehensive off-the-shelf spares inventory – all designed to minimise facility downtime.


Support is provided on the basis of design authority, through to simple spares servicing including the following services:

  • Calibration services providing an on-site or off-site calibration service that measures the accuracy of your aero-engine test control equipment.
  • Dynamometer Service comprising a full service, strip down and overhaul of all types of dynamometer
  • Maintenance services provides a full range of services that will keep your aero-engine test facility operating at its maximum potential
  • Technical Manuals including drawings, training material and computer based training (CBT)
  • Refurbishment services bringing your existing test facility up-to-date with the latest technology and testing standards
  • Spares sourcing and provision offering reliable delivery at acceptable cost


IAC Acoustics provides a comprehensive technical documentation package for every turnkey aero-engine test facility that we supply. Each package contains a system level description followed by clear and concise, step-by-step installation, operation and maintenance instructions as well as a parts catalogue. To improve ease of understanding, supporting drawings, diagrams and illustrations are included in the documentation where appropriate or when it will add value to the topic.

We produce technical documentation in accordance with a wide range of specifications such as: AECMA 1000D and 2000M; ATA 100; ATA Spec 2200; AvP 70 and Mil Specs or to a particular customer’s commercial house format. Technical manuals are available in both hard copy format and as electronic files.

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