Products and Solutions

Marvinacustica sector that knows the problems and needs of every company. For each one we produce custom and standard products. from large soundproof cabins to environmental soundproofing treatments and silencers, anechoic chambers and silencers.
Sound Absorbing Treatments

sound-absorbing treatments
to reduce reverberation


produces soundproofed cabins for every need

Audiometric booths and rooms

Marvinacustica is experienced in the design and installation of audiology booths

Silencers, barriers and louvers

Marvinacustica proposes a large range of different type of silencers, barriers and louvers


Marvinacustica specializes in the design and production of anechoic chambers

Acoustic Doors and Windows

Marvinacustica is leader in manufacturing and installation of acoustic doors


Marvinacustica acoustic louver solutions will help to combat noise problems


Practicing music
is no longer a problem with Marvinacustica's music box

Who we are

MARVINACUSTICA has 40 years of experience in industrial and civil soundproofing. We offer the best solutions in noise problems. Our technicians know the needs of each customers. We can offer every kind of solutions : from large soundproof cabins to environmental soundproofing treatments and silencers.

Fin out the company


  • Customized Solutions

    The most suitable solution for noise disturbance requirements in compliance with acoustic regulations

  • Tailored Products

    Custom-made and mass-produced products are made for each company

  • Specialized Team

    Our specialized technicians know the problems and needs of each company, recommending the most suitable solution.

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