MARVINACUSTICA has 40 years of experience in industrial and civil soundproofing. We offer the best solutions in noise problems. Our technicians know the needs of each customers.

We can offer every kind of solutions: from large soundproof cabins to environmental soundproofing treatments and silencers. The external ambient noise level is first measured with high precision instruments, then the right solution is studied, and finally the goal is reached with the design and construction of soundproof cabinsacoustic barriers and silencers.

For every environment we seek and offer the most suitable solution to noise problems, in compliance with acoustic standard, in internal and external work environment. Every projects is followed by specialized acoustic technicians, of great experience, able to work in synergy with each client.

In the approach to the problems and needs of companies, we ensure the complete service:

– Noise measurement with high precision instruments

– Study of right solution

– Design and manufacturing of integrated sound insulation and absorption systems

– Installation and acoustic test

Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality and versatility, we have partnered with the international group IAC – Acoustics, becoming official distributors in Italy for anechoic and hemi-anechoic chambers, audiometric booths, acoustic doors and windows, acoustic louvres, silencers, aviation and automotive sector.

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