IAC Acoustics is a world leader in the manufacturing and installation of high performance acoustic doors. With an acoustics range from Rw50dB to Rw70dB our single and double-leaf acoustic doorsets are the most efficient, user friendly on the market.
At IAC acoustics, we strive for design excellence and flexibility, whether it be in unique design features or specialist fire rated or sliding acoustic applications, our high performance steel doors solve problems of noise transfer, loss, interference or pollution in a manner you would expect from a global innovator.
Self-aligning magnetic acoustic seals ensure a consistent and effective sound-proofing with non-slam action ensuring no pressure or stress on door ironmongery and our split frame design configurations mean we can purpose build our doors for any environment rapidly, securely and to an exceptionally high standard of finish.
We are also committed to ensuring we deliver safety and aesthetic excellence. Conforming to EN1634-1 Fire Ratings, our doors ensure high safety standards are adhered to and our natural concern for interior design aesthetics means we offer a wide range of finishes. Whether it be our unique new powder coat wood grain finish or a polyester powder coat or Stainless Steel, Finished/Brushed steel, Galvanized or surface clad preparation our eye for detail ensures perfect environmental tie-in.
Irrespective of your requirement, standard or bespoke, single door or large build, IAC Acoustics\’ in-house designers, engineers and project managers offer a guaranteed solution for any requirement, whilst our sales and project teams deliver excellence in specification, design and on-site requirements.
With Over 50 years experience and over 1 million doors installed worldwide, we can deliver an acoustic door solution for any project specification and application anywhere in the world, guaranteeing outstanding performance, precision and presentation.


IAC acoustics offer doors from stock or custom made alternatives. Whether you need steel, EN1634-1 fire rated or sliding acoustic doors, we are world leaders and have a solution for almost all markets and applications.


At our global headquarters we can incorporate custom design and laser cut for precision finishing and assembly. Again, EN1634-1 fire rated safety standards work alongside high performance acoustics and architectural finesse.
Our custom designed and produced CAM Lift Hinges mean we incorporate flat thresholds into door design, thus no obtrusive floor seals or trip hazards. Computer aided / Laser design gives us flexibility to manufacture and install to your brief with no impact on noise reduction. Multi finishes are available.


Solving noise control and sound issues by up to Rw70dB we supply sound reducing solutions to the following markets:

  • architectural
  • airport services
  • broadcasting
  • building services
  • education
  • entertainment and leisure
  • healthcare
  • industry
  • manufacturing
  • power generation
  • typical acoustic door applications


IAC Noise-lock® acoustic windows can be manufactured bespoke specific to your application and are available in STC ratings from 30 to over 60 with noise reduction (NIC) of 30-90dB.

  • factory offices
  • factory enclosures
  • TV studios
  • radio studios
  • audiometric rooms
  • test cells
  • translation booths
  • music practice rooms
  • hotels
  • offices

IAC Noise-lock® acoustic windows are laboratory tested and manufactured with precision from strong, durable metal (aluminium or stainless/galvanised steel) with reliable acoustic seals. We factory assemble for rapid, simple installation and ensure perfect integration with any construction system.

Glazing options include:
Laminated safety glass, One-way vision mirror, Bullet resistant, Polycarbonate, Non-reflective and heat resistant.

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