Encouraging music practice without affecting colleagues or neighbours can be hard to achieve. IAC’s MusicBox provides an acoustic module to solve this problem.

IAC’s MusicBox is a range of affordable, modular music practice rooms enabling musicians to rehearse and record within a controlled and contained environment. The prefabricated panel design of IAC’s MusicBox makes them easy and cost effective to install, giving dimensional flexibility for the room size that best meets your customers needs.

Each module offers an individual space for solo or ensemble practice, whilst providing an effective acoustic barrier to avoid disturbing other classrooms.


15 core designs.
Configured and ready to release.

Standard design Includes:

  • Hard/ Hard walls
  • Perforated ceilings
  • Edge Smoothing Corner Panels
  • No Internal Stiffeners
  • Performance Matched Components
  • Glazed STC51 doors
  • Laminate/ wood flooring
  • 10 standard RAL colours available
  • Ceiling mounted spot track led lights
  • 2 double power sockets/ receptacle outlets
  • Noise reduction of NIC50 and NIC60 (Noise Isolation Class)
  • Scanvenge ventilation system (roof or wall mounted)
  • Flipper panels (Soft/ Hard) to internally tune your space
  • Proven Laboratory Lab Test Data/ Certification
  • BB93 Compliant for UK Market
  • Fully Demountable.
  • Durable
  • 1 Hour ISO/ EN/ UL fire rating for panels


  • Isolated/ floating floors
  • Air Conditioning
  • Connection for ventilation ‘hook-up’
  • Carpet Tiles
  • Additional tuning/ absorption
  • LED lighting
  • Additional power sockets/ receptacle outlets
  • Custom configurations
  • Any size/any shape
  • Increased internal height
  • Energetic, vibrant and colourful finishes
  • Individually tailor your MusicBox creating your own personnel space
  • Vision Panel


  • Architects and Designers
  • Acoustic Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Private Education and Public Sector Schools
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities and Conservatories
  • Music Teachers
  • Bursars
  • Principals
  • Youth Organisations
  • Military
  • 3rd Party Equipment/ Instrument Suppliers
  • Specific Education/ Studio Media Events


  • Royal Academy of Music, London UK – 15 Rooms
  • Middlesex University, London UK – 11 Rooms
  • Wellington Barracks, London UK – 9 Rooms
  • University of Glasgow UK – 22 Rooms
  • Northbrook College, Brighton UK – 24 Rooms
  • CBS, New York City USA – 8 Rooms
  • Hoover High School, Ohio USA – 12 Rooms
  • Stanford University, California USA – 8 Rooms
  • House of Sound, Switzerland – 54 Rooms
  • Salisbury College, UK – 8 Rooms
  • Queens University, Belfast NI – 18 Rooms
  • Royal Marines, Portsmouth UK – 8 Band Practice Rooms
  • Eastleigh Youth Centre UK – 1 Band Practice Room
  • Eastleigh College UK – 3 Rooms

Application sectors

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